Information about Insurance

Zodiac Complementary Therapy Training receive no financial gain or any other reward from any insurance company and provide this information as a service.

We are however pleased to provide a link here for students and associates to very competitive professional insurance for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity to protect your therapy practice. Available from A vital form of protection in our ever increasingly litigious world.

STUDENT COVER: Cover is available to our students at a very competitive premium - less then £10. The cover lasts for 1 year from the date it is taken out. It covers ONLY the Student whilst they are training. It does NOT cover the professional practice of the therapy - ONLY the student whilst training.

Everything is on-line - quotation, application, payment and the issue of the policy Certificate. ALL information regarding the exact terms of the coverage, the insurer and contact details are available through the link below.

Application is made on the Internet. Annual premiums range between £30 and £50 for most practitioners.

There is no waiting to have your premium confirmed. There are no time consuming paper forms to complete and post and your policy issued and cover in place immediately - ready for you to print.

Payment by credit or debit card and subject to meeting the criteria approval is immediate. That means your policy is automatically and immediately issued when paid.

It takes about 15 minutes from start to finish. Select the business practices you require cover for, complete the basic contact details, confirm your business details, and subject to acceptance (and the system will inform you) your policy is issued once you have paid. Cover can therefore be immediate or you may forward date the application by up to 28 days. You may view your Certificate on-line 24/7.

The only time your signed declaration is required is in the event of a claim for you to confirm the details that were entered and upon which the underwriters issued your policy is correct. That's the only time you need send any paper.

In all cases there are certain minimum educational and experience qualifications. We are pleased to inform you successful completion of our courses automatically meets the qualification standard for insurance cover.

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